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how the heckity do you change a theme

If your character had to die… How would you like them to die?

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she’s beauty 
she’s grace
she’s miss united states

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blog title: fuck you. haha nice. that’s exactly what i want people to see as soon as they click my url. description hmm. ‘i fucking hate you.’ wow blogging is fun. ask title? how about “ask me dumb shit” haha. double nice. everything anyone has to say is dumb. submit title? submit? no too plain. wait……nudes go here. YES. can’t WAIT for the nudes to come rolling in. can’t believe i didn’t find out about this site sooner

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Thor making a series of vines where he hands the other Avengers mjolnir casually like ‘hold this’ when they’re not paying attention and obviously they fall over and it’s hilarious

and he tries to do it to Steve and he’s like ‘hold this, Steve’ and without looking up from his paper Steve’s like ‘sure’ and takes it off if him, he just calmly holds it and continues to read

The rest of the vine is just Thor’s stunned and impressed expression

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"Dylan O’Brien just hugged a fan who broke down crying. He gave her his name tag."

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I’m rewatching this and I feel like this line is so underrated

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i love 50 cent, or as he is known in Zimbabwe; four hundred million dollars

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Okay but imagine:

  • Peter Parker going to a fan convention as Spiderman
  • Peter Parker getting compliments on his Spiderman costume
  • Peter Parker entering a Spiderman Costume Contest
  • Peter Parker losing said contest
  • Peter Parker losing the contest to Deadpool

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
whats one of your sexual fantasies?
clotpoleee clotpoleee Said:


a stranger randomly paying off my student loans

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